Yelper Says, “I am extremely pleased and happy with Audi Mission Viejo.”

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in Sales

Yelper Says, “I am extremely pleased and happy with Audi Mission Viejo.”

Let me just say this dealership is outstanding!

It all started by me browsing the web and looking at our options for a 2014 R8. Of course I’m sure you all know how bothersome it could be when you have every dealership in the nation emailing you and calling you trying to follow up on your Google search.

Let me just say I am really glad that I answered John Latko’s phone call. He was so pleasant over the phone. He was very professional and knowledgeable to say the least. Long story short just a few hours later he sent me a few emails of the cars that were available. John was very efficient and didn’t make me wait to hear back from him regarding the inventory. Within the hour I was down at the dealership. The receptionist was also very sweet, she greeted me with a smile and sweet HELLO. (you want to feel comfortable wherever you’re buying your car)

Minutes later Im test driving a beautiful R8 and I just fell in love. John was there to help me every step of the way. He answered all of my questions, he went over every detail of the car with me. From the paint, to the interior, exterior, rims, engine, etc. I made a quick phone call to my husband telling him I loved it. My husband showed up and went over everything with John. I’m sure everyone knows how difficult it is getting a car like this. There was only 1 new one available and it was at another dealer. So of course that was the hard part.

John did everything he could to get the car I wanted down to the dealer. Long story short we didn’t get that car, but instead we got a 2014 R8 Schick Quattro V10 and I am so glad we did. It is BEAUTIFUL! Best birthday present ever!

If youre looking to buy an AUDI call John Latko. I’m telling you from car shopping experience I have never met someone so kind, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient as John. He is amazing.

Dan from the service department- He is also wonderful. My tire just got a bolt in it and he was also very sweet and pleasant. He told me not to worry, my car is in great hands. Its people like Dan and John who truly do care for their customers. You can just tell by their persona that they truly do love their job. I am extremely pleased and happy with Audi Mission Viejo.



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