Yelper is Dissatisfied With Their Time at Audi Mission Viejo

Posted on Apr 29, 2014 in Sales, Yelp

Yelper is Dissatisfied With Their Time at Audi Mission Viejo


Last Saturday I decided to take my daughter in to Audi Mission Viejo to take a look at an A4.  This is one of the final car selection she truly like when she gets her license next week.

Walked into the dealership and was greeted by a sales person.  Stating that I am in the market for A4, he immediately took out keys to a vehicle we were standing next to.  At this point my daughter finalized her decision with the A4.

So, I told the sales person I am looking for non-quattro lower price for her so that the insurance would not eat me alive.  So, he picked out a car stock number A140935 with Cold Weather Package which is sticker at $37,695.00 MSRP.  He then calculated $3,000 off due to rebate.  At the time, it sounded great because I have not done enough research and was not going to finalize the deal till next week so I did not dug into details.  Only thing I said to the sales person was it sounded good since you didn’t want to jack up the MSRP (a practice I found very common with IRVINE BMW, another story).

Sunday, I though well her test is going to be tomorrow and what if I can take my daughter into the dealership when she passed the test. So, when on line with Audi USA to submitted an credit application and was approved right away.

Got the call back soon after from the sales person and ask if I wanted to come now and told him that I want to wait til next week after I confirm that she got her license.  He then tells me, well get your trade-in here first so we can get the deal going. Because, we only have this one left (well, I found a lot more on their inventory list, but I think that was mistake too.  read on you will see why I said what I said)  Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding…….!  This alerted me, I have not do any research!

When on and found a long list of Audi Dealership offering special.  So, I look at one from Mission Viejo and found their ticket number A141320 for only $34,945.00 MSRP with S-Line, Cold Weather and Audi Guard, so I said to myself good thing I check it out.

So, Monday after got a call from the sales person again (I thought I said Tuesday?) I ask him about the deal through and from their inventory showing the same.  He said he will call me back shortly.  Then, the second call, oh that was a mistake and that they are fixing it and that it will be changed within AN HOUR! (keep in mind next day on 4/29/2014 10:46 AM I checked their site as I am writing this review stock #A14320 is still at $34.945.00 with exactly the same option).  I said to him that so the dealership will not honor the advertising?  “NO” he said again that this was a mistake they are not going to sell a car with “$3000″ in option at a lower price.

Me: Ok, I said so how about your ticket number A141148 with S Line and Audi Guard.  Sales: Well we can only give you $1000 for your Mercedes trade-in and $500 rebate.  Me: Hey so I said what about the other rebate that was standard and you put on the other car which come out to $3000.  Sales: Oh! let me pull out my calculator uh uh uh… well I calculated wrong, anyway I can’t give you that deal! and let me call you back.

5 mins later he call and still wanted to sell me the original high pice car and that the other two cars (one lower price with more option and one slightly lower with more option) was mistake and not available.

I finally stated that I would not go to a dealership with this kind of practice (BAIT AND SWITCH) that I was going to Newport or Riverside or Long Beach or anywhere that they are honest!! to top it all, I told him when do you buy or lease a car at FULL MSRP????

After I hung up the phone he started texting me with how newport has the same car with less option and that if I wanted he can do the same.  Really now you can???  So, I text him the same model with more option like the their stock number A141320 at the same price from Riverside.

Now he is telling me to come down and sit down with him manager.  Are you kidding me?  Why would I want to waste my time with this dishonest practice.



Patrick, I’m glad our General Manager was able to connect with you after all of this confusion and provide some clarification, an apology, and a direct method to get in touch with him. Hopefully you will feel comfortable taking him up on all three offers. If not, I wish you and your daughter the best of luck in finding the perfect vehicle. — Cedric



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