“Thank you Halleh for making that purchase such an incredible experience”

Posted on May 3, 2014 in Sales, Yelp


I have to leave a review here, since this is the second car I bought at Audi Mission Viejo, and my experience was even more incredible the second time. How is that possible?
This is the second car I bought from Audi Mission Viejo. I will never go to any other dealer, now that I have met Halleh Afshar.
It all started 2 years ago. I inquired for a special car. She was the first one to reply. Since Audi Mission Viejo is so far away, I asked Halleh to give me the best deal she can. Her offer was below any competitors, so I directly drove there. In a heartbeat we got our car and have been so happy about it ever since. Than my life changed and I needed a bigger car. I called Halleh and again she gave me a great deal. I scrolled online on other dealer’s specials. Well, I didn t even bother calling anyone else. The price she gave me was again, a lot below any other dealer’s special they currently had.
This time was extra special. She came with the new car to exchange it with the old one. That was just amazing. I didn t have to do the drive, I didn t have to waste any time at the dealer. She came to my home and it took us half an hour. We signed the paperwork, she taught me about all the new features the car had to offer and left.
How can I say that, hmm hmm. Thank you Halleh for making that purchase such an incredible experience.
I always said in the past, I never liked car salesmen and lawyers. They are pushy and just superficial people. Well, not Halleh. She never pushed us, she knows her job very well. Mission Viejo is very lucky to have her and I truly hope she will stay there long enough for her to get our next car.

That’s about all there is to the review. If you want a sales person who knows all about cars, that is not pushy, that always makes you feel comfortable, well ask for Halleh.



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