Recommendations and customer reviews for Audi MV and Paxton!

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 in Sales, Yelp

Recommendations and customer reviews for Audi MV and Paxton!

Mission Viejo Audi Dealership
Sales: Paxton Krichmar

I can honestly say I was super impressed with Audi’s website & MV’s salesman, Paxton Krichmar!  Seeing how the one thing my father HATES to do is shop for a car I was given the task to do the research for his “coming of retirement age” sports car.  I researched Lexus, Volvo,  Acura, and then I spotted an A4 that really liked.  After reading the reviews and watching endless vids on each car’s capabilities, it was simple, the Audi was for him.  I went to Audi’s website, called the dealership and spoke with Paxton.  Paxton walked me through the selection on the specs page by page and when we were done he told me there was a car available with the specs we wanted.  Meanwhile, my mom applied on line for the financing and was pre-approved moments later.  I called Paxton back and it was just a matter of time (the next day) for the car to arrive.  My folks were coming from San Diego and by the time they made it out there the car was detailed and waiting with a big pretty red bow (which I had requested).  Paxton did everything possible to make their time there quick and smooth.  He made sure to show my dad how all the features worked (which is not an easy thing to do).

Needless to say my dad was a happy camper and was relieved he wasn’t at the dealership the entire day trying to negotiate prices or have anyone talk him out of the car and into something more expensive; because let’s face it this is the norm when having to buy cars.  The next day Paxton called me and thanked me for sending my folks to Audi.  If there were any questions or hesitations regarding the technology of the vehicle he was happy to answer any questions.

The review for the car from my dad, “It drives like a champ.”  Coming from my dad that’s a 5 star rating.  The review from my mom (who purchased the car for him) was THRILLED that the website had the ability to fill out the application online and was given her response immediately.  Another huge TIME SAVER! “No waiting in the finance department was a major plus!”

Thanks again, Paxton & Audi MV!  You have a satisfied customer and 2 future customers that can’t wait to get behind the wheel of their very own Audi. :D
I would TOTALLY recommend Audi MV sales, and if you get Paxton you’re in for A+++ service.

Cidy H

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