The Mission Viejo Team Helps Out A New Customer With Their A4

Posted on Mar 26, 2014 in DealerRater, Sales, Service

The Mission Viejo Team Helps Out A New Customer With Their A4

My experience with this dealership was amazing on every level and at every step along the way – from my initial visit and test drive to the purchase of my new A4 about 2 weeks later. Steve Hart was my sales specialist. He was informative but not aggressive. Steve introduced me to George Estonactoc – another sales specialist that day. He said that George could always help me out if he wasn’t in the dealership on a day I might need help. Steve gave me a quick courtesy call and sent a thank you note after my first visit. After doing some independent research on my own, I stopped by the dealership several days later because I had a couple of quick questions to help narrow down the options I wanted. Steve was not there but Simon Najafinia spent about 15 minutes answering all my questions even though I wasn’t ready to make any final decisions. A few days later, I tried to reach Steve to arrange for my husband to come in for a test drive. He was having phone issues so he never got my voice mail message. I called and left a message for George who called me back right away. He was nice enough to give my message to Steve and arrange for the test drive the next day. Once I got my husband’s approval on the car, I was ready to start negotiations. I was fearful it would be the same old routine of haggling back and forth on a price but I was wrong. Since I had done my homework, I presented what I thought was a fair offer. Steve went to his manager and came back in less than 5 minutes to shake my hand and tell me we had a deal. I was shocked. After a deal was struck, I negotiated a price for a trade-in. Again, it was a very fair offer so we decided to go forward with that as well. Of course, there was a lot of paperwork to get through but everyone there including Aaron MacSween, the Finance Manager made that part of the experience as streamlined as possible. My experience continued on the next couple of days. When I drove my car home that day, my husband noticed 3 fairly deep scratches on the front bumper as I was pulling into the garage. I called Steve first thing the next morning. He returned my call from home and I sent pictures of the damage. He arranged for me to bring the car in the next day. It turns out they think the damage happened at the dealership where they got the car from but the damage was bad enough that they provided me with a loaner car – a very nice and practically new A6! They treated me like royalty as soon as I brought my car in. I was swept from one department to another to get me on my way quickly and with as little aggravation as possible. EVERYONE was so friendly and helpful. It was as if they all felt so badly that I had been inconvenienced so shortly after my purchase. Luckily I am pretty easy going and as long as I was being treated so well, I really didn’t mind the hassle. Steve was busy with a customer so George helped give me some tips on driving the A6 since it has different options than my A4. These are the reasons I gave this dealership the highest ratings possible. I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying an Audi.



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