DealerRater User Recommends AudiMV and Steve Hansler

Posted on May 4, 2014 in DealerRater, Sales

DealerRater User Recommends AudiMV and Steve Hansler

After owning an SUV for the past 19 years it was finally time to down size.
I love the look of the Audi brand and I was interested in the A4: I stopped by one random Saturday and spoke to Steve Hansler.
I test drove the A4 and also the A5 Coupe, both really fun to drive. Steve was very friendly and very knowledgeable of both cars. A month went by and I still had not made a decision on a car…then I saw an add for the Audi A3. It was meant to be: I waited and now a new Audi was being released. I loved the look of the A3 so much I stopped by on a Sunday even though I knew I could not but a car that day. I found Steve and I told him what I wanted on the A3 and asked him to get back to me by the next day so I could make a decision. The next day Steve went above and beyond with his communication with my hubby to make sure we got the best price around. After I got off work we went down and meet with Steve, he made sure we were happy with all the details of my lease he showed us everything on the car and made sure I loved my new A3. The finance person did a great / quick job making sure all answers were meet. Even though we were the last customers there at 10:15P.M we never felt rushed Steve made sure I was totally comfortable with the car before I drove it off the lot. Our overall experience with Mission Viejo Audi was exceptional and I would absolutely recommend M.V. Audi to everyone.



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