Carlos has been reviewed by Chris B.!

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in Sales, Yelp

Carlos has been reviewed by Chris B.!

Came here expecting typical dealership attitude and was pleasantly surprised. Carlos Sanchez was the salesmen who greeted me in the lot. Nice guy. Came to look at a 06 A3 they had advertised in the Autotrader.

The good

Carlos was GREAT. NOT the usual high pressure type at ALL. Seemed very sincere and attentive but not overbearing.

They were dealing. I found the best “Deal” I could find through a private party for a VERY similar car. They came within $300 of matching it. I was shocked.

There financing was excellent. Beat my current lender (USAA) by FOUR percent and my Credit Union by TWO percent. Now that surprised me.

The Bad

I was told the car came with a 30 day warranty. I was offered the extended warranty but of course declined. Upon doing the final paperwork, I was informed the “30 warranty” was a “limited” warranty…..meaning if anything should go wrong….then it was 50/50. Meaning they would pay half and I would pay half.

WTF? That’s not a warranty. Jeezzz are you kidding? Its a 2006, one owner, bought new and only serviced at your dealership and with 33,000 miles. Way to show confidence in your product. Argued the point with the Sales manager but he wouldn’t budge.

I of course found out after I drove away…..that the drivers side door doesnt unlock using the keyless remote. And that the rear fold down armrest/cupholder is broken.

I would take it back……..but the 50/50 thing left a pretty bad taste in my mouth for their service. I’d rather use an independent. I’m sure with the price difference between dealer mark up and independents, it’s be about the same and I’d rather use the independent as their closer and I just trust them more.

To recap…….if you’re gonna buy an Audi, I highly recommend Carlos for sales.

Chris B

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