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A customer writes a review about Audi MV and Ryan!

Posted on Jan 29, 2010 in DealerRater, Sales

A customer writes a review about Audi MV and Ryan!

Reason for Visit: Sales (New)

I recommend this dealer: Yes

Employee(s) Dealt With: Ryan Beavers

My Review of Audi Mission Viejo:
I’ve visited Audi Mission Viejo due to several positive recommendations from friends–one being an owner of an Audi R8, who didn’t buy it there, but raves about the service at Audi Mission Viejo.


I’ve been researching the purchase of a new lease for about 4 months now, and have been in regular by weekly contact with Ryan Beavers at Audi Mission Viejo the whole time–along with several other dealerships in the South California area. Ryan was by far the most helpful, friendly, and patient of all dealers I have *ever* worked with–he was very informative and honest in all our conversations (email, phone, and in person)… The good thing about the email conversations, was there was no salesman pressure as you would get in person. And, of course with email, you have the luxury of verifying any claims–this was great. Ryan honestly answered all my questions through email stating exact figures, things that other salesmen would only disclose in person, usually inflate by exaggerated margins–mind you I verified all his figures on and!make=Audi, and his quotes were top notch.

In addition, Ryan went out of his way to get several standard fees removed, which he got in a bit of trouble for… PLUS, if that wasn’t enough, he gave me his window tinting freebie from “A Terrific Tint”, worth $250, BOOM! nobody does that!–btw they did a great job .


Bottom line… Ryan Beavers was super great to deal with…. From all the quotes I got from other dealers, Ryan was the one who gave the cheapest (by a minimum of $100+ less per month) than all the others… plus he got rid thousands of dollars in regular fees, AND paid for the last month of my lease….

And it’s fair to mention that after I got Ryan’s really great quote, all the other dealers magically wanted to match it (when their initial quotes were basically really inflated)…. And I also spoke to an Audi dealer in Texas that my friend personally knew (who verified that the deal I got from Ryan was excellent, and he couldn’t do any better).


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